Born. 1988.05.17 

Son of a painting psychiatrist and a photographer/interior decorator mother. Lucas spent his first years in a small town in northern Norway, surrounded by mountains, ocean, paintings and photography. He quickly became fascinated by moving images after discovering the world of cinema. He began dressing himself as the characters he saw and reenacted some of his favourite scenes, casting his sister to act with him in the scenes and directing her along the way.

He later started acting and directing theatre in high school, at the prestigious Viktor Rydberg Jarlaplan. That led to university studies in California, A Bachelors Degree in Art Direction at Forsbergs School of Design and Advertising in Stockholm and then taking on work as director's assistant to some of the biggest commercial directors in Sweden.

When telling a story, Lucas applies his deep rooted archive of references of cinema in combination with a strong visual eye, a knack for music, photography and editing in order to create his own unique way of expression.

Curious and with a need to understand further than what meets the eye, he always aims to dig deep and portray with authenticity. Romanticising the past and using previous experiences as a source of inspiration- a touch of melancholy is often present in his work.

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